Research Group on Pollinators and Seed Dispersers – Study Group: Bees and Environmental Services (ASAS)

UFSCAR - Centro de Ciências Agrárias

The Bees and Environmental Services Study Group was created in 2011 by Professor Roberta Cornelio Ferreira Nocelli. The group is linked to the research group on pollinators and seed dispersers, registered at CNPq and of which the professor is a leader. The group is located in the Agricultural Sciences Center of the Universidade Federal de São Carlos, at the Araras campus. The group’s research lines involve undergraduate and graduate students, as well as the community through various extension projects, and focus on insect-plant interactions in agroecosystems and on the impacts of agrochemicals on bees. The main techniques used are palynological and behavioral analyzes and techniques of cellular and molecular biology, aiming at the conservation and health of these pollinators.

Address: Rodovia Anhanguera, Km 174 Araras - São Paulo - Brasil

Phone: +55 19 3543-2595


Research Subjects:

Pollination Biology
Seed Dispersers Biology
Pollinator Biology
Insect Conservation and Biology
Mammalian Ecology
Pollinator Ecotoxicology
Floristic and Phytosociological Studies
Wildlife Management in situ and ex situ


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