Research group about bees (GPBee)

Universidade Estadual de Maringá

The research projects that are being developed by this group aims:

To study the floral biology of plants of economic interest as well as the behavior and performance of the bees with and without sting in increased production of fruits and seeds by means of cross-pollination.

To study the behavioral biology and its social organization and evaluation of new techniques of management and alternative technology aiming at an increase of bee production as well as cost reduction.

To study the use of bees as bioindicators and the nuclear cytochemistry by the insecticide residues on crops of economic interest. A mother nest of Africanized queens was set up to served as the basis for the genotyping of the colonies (all identified). Daughters of these queens were made and these daughters were evaluated for the production of royal jelly and honey. In parallel, molecular analyzes were performed to identify MRJPs, especially MRJP3, MRJP5, MRJP8 and MRJP9.

Address: Universidade Estadual de Maringá, n 5790 - Bloco J45-PPZ - Jardim Universitário, Maringá - PR, CEP: 87020-900

Phone: +55 44 3011-8939 / +55 44 3011-8977


Research Subjects:

Physical-chemical, microbiological and pollen analysis of honey;
Floral Biology;
Molecular biology;
Behavior of Social Insects;
Behavior, production and pollination with bees;
Ecology of Pollination;
Structure of bee communities in urban and native areas;
Apicultural Flora;
Biochemical Genetics;
Insect-Plant Interaction;
Genetic improvement of africanized bees;
Beekeeping Production;
Propolis production and its applications.


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