Melisopalinology Collection LABUN

Universidad Nacional de Colombia

The Melisopalinology Collection LABUN is part of the Bee Research Laboratory of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia.

In this Pollen Collection there are pollen references of plants visited by bees and also samples of honey of bees (A.mellifera, meliponinos), pollen of nests, corbicular pollen and pollen of contact of several species of bees, social and solitary species.

Address: CIUDAD UNIVERSITARIA (CRA 30 calle 45-03) Departamento de Biología- lab 121

Phone: +57 1 3165000


Research Subjects:

Botanical and geographic origin of the floral resources used by Apis mellifera
Botanical origin of honey and pollen of some species of stingless bees in Colombia
Characterization of honey and pollen as non-timber forest products of oak forests in Boyacá, Colombia
Plant resources used by urban bees in high Andean cities (Bogotá)
Floral Calendars


Rodulfo Ospina Torres

Guiomar Nates-Parra

Susana Currea

Victor Solarte