Laboratory of Systematics and Plant Ecology

Universidade Federal do Ceará

The Laboratory of Systematics and Plant Ecology (LASEV) of the Universidade Federal do Ceará, headed by Prof. Dr. Maria Iracema Bezerra Loiola, develops research related to the systematics of spermatophytes, mainly of the species occurring in the Northeast of Brazil, as well as to the evolutionary and biogeographic relations. Another focus of our team is the understanding of the ecological aspects, through floristic and phytosociological surveys, seed banks, successional studies and functional attributes of the semi-arid Northeastern species.

Address: Av. Mister Hull s.n., Centro de Ciências, Departmento de Biologia, Bl. 906, Campus do Pici Prof. Prisco Bezerra , CEP: 60440-970

Phone: +55 85 3366-9812


Research Subjects:

1) Systematics, ecology and evolution of Angiosperms
2) Floristics and Phylogeography
3) Ethnobotany


Profa. Dra. Maria Iracema Bezerra Loiola (Coordenadora) Link para Currículo Lattes

Dr. Luiz Wilson Lima-Verde

Drª Luciana Silva Cordeiro

Ma. Valéria Silva Sampaio

Ma. Maria Edenilce Batista Peixoto

Ma. Rayane de Tasso Moreira Ribeiro

Me. James Lucas Costa Lima

Lucas Figueiredo