Laboratory of Integrated Pest Management – LabMIP

Universidade Federal de Santa Maria (UFSM)

The Laboratory of Integrated Pest Management (LabMIP) develops research in the areas of taxonomy, bioecology and pest sampling, as a basis for the integration of tactics and management strategies, aiming at rationalizing the use of pesticides and reduce the environmental impact of agricultural activity. The work proposal of the LabMIP is to integrate researchers from other research institutions in Brazil and abroad, as well as foster the participation of undergraduate and graduate students with these institutions and their professionals, aiming to produce science with quality. LabMIP has scientific interactions with other research groups in Brazil, such as: EMBRAPA-CPACT (Dr. Dori E. Nava – biological control), EMBRAPA-Soja (Dr. Samuel Roggia – pest management), UNESP (Dr. Ricardo Polanczyk – microbial control) and MT Foundation (Dr. Lucia Vivan – pest management). On the outside LabMIP interacts with: Univ. Nacional de La Plata (Dr. Analia Lanteri).

Address: Avenida Roraima, 100. Cidade Universitária, Santa Maria-RS, CEP: 97105-900

Phone: +55 55 3220 8701


Research Subjects:

- Molecular biology;
- Integrated Pest Management;
- Taxonomy and Bioecology of Arthropods;
- Technology for the application of agrochemicals;
- Pollinators.


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Jonas André Arnemann

Adriano Arrué Melo

Dori Edson Nava

Ervandil Corrêa Costa

Lúcia Madalena Vivan

Mariana Alejandra Cherman