Laboratory of Biological Interactions

Universidade Federal do Espirito Santo

The Laboratory of Biological Interaction was created in 2011 and aims to generate and disseminate biological information on the relationship of bees with the resources necessary for their survival and permanence in urban and natural environments.

Address: Laboratório de Interações Biológicas (LabIBio) Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo Departamento de Ciências Biológicas/CCHN Av. Fernando Ferrari, 514, Goiabeiras 29.075-910 Vitoria ES, Brasil

Phone: +55 27 4009 2324


Research Subjects:

- Trophic relationship of pollinators in natural and urban communities
- Patterns of temporal and spatial distribution of bees
- The biophysics of bee-flower interaction in natural and urban communities
- Palynology
- Network of environmental resources needed for bees
- Bionomics and behavior of bees
- Distribution modeling of bee species and their resources


Tânia Mara Guerra