Biology and Ecology of Bess Laboratory (LABEA)

Universidade Federal da Bahia (UFBA)

Founded in 1996 by Prof. Blandina Felipe Viana, LABEA hosts the activities of the Grupo de Pesquisa em Ecologia de Comunidades de Visitantes Florais, registered at Diretório de Pesquisa of CNPq, and the activities of Rede de Pesquisa Sobre Polinização em Agroecossistema (POLINFRUT). The studies in LABEA focus in biology and ecology of interactions between plants and floral visitors in natural and agricultural systems, in the causes of pollinators decline, and in the search for sustainable management practices that joins conservation of pollinators and food production.

Address: Rua Barão de Geremoabo s/n, Prédio do Instituto de Biologia, Laboratório LABEA, segundo Andar 40170-210 Salvador - BA

Phone: +55 71 3283-6554


Research Subjects:

Community Ecology
Bee-Plant Interaction Ecology
Sustainable Use and Management of bees
Bee Population Biology and Ecology
Landscape Ecology
Pollination Service Conservation in Agroecosystems
Citizen Science


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