Bee Laboratory of USP

Universidade de São Paulo

Laboratório de Abelhas is part of the Ecology Department of Instituto de Biociências at Universidade de São Paulo (IB-USP), São Paulo-SP, Brazil. Around its building, placed throughout the garden, several wild bee colonies of stingless bees and solitary bees can be seen.

Inside the lab, there are several colonies for observation, and studies in bee biology, social behaviour and floral preferences are made. It is possible to buy books published by the lab.

Address: Rua do Matão, trav. 14, n. 321, Cidade Universitária, São Paulo - SP

Phone: +55 (11) 3091-7533


Research Subjects:

Meliponini behavioural Ecology
Apoidea Ecology
Conservation and biodiversity


Astrid de Matos Peixoto Kleinert Link para Currículo Lattes

Isabel Alves dos Santos Link para Currículo Lattes

Vera Lucia Imperatriz-Fonseca Link para Currículo Lattes