Entomology Laboratory – Research Group on Plant-Pollinator Interactions

Embrapa Amazônia Oriental (CPATU)

This research group operates in the Laboratory of Entomology of Embrapa Amazônia Oriental, which has the acronym CPATU, in partnership with other laboratories of this Unit, other Decentralized Units of Embrapa, Research Institutions and teaching. The Entomology Laboratory team develops research on phytophagous insects and beneficial insects (pollinators and natural enemies) associated with agricultural crops and forest essences in the Eastern Amazon. Among these activities, the Research Group on Insect-Plant Interactions studies the associations between floral visitors and pollinators of forest essences, ornamental and fruit plants; reproductive ecology of native tree species, with emphasis on reproductive phenology, floral biology and reproductive system of native plants and identification of associated pollinators; incompatibility systems, attractiveness and floral resources; management of native stingless bees (Apidae, Meliponina) for the pollination of Amazonian fruit trees and biomonitoring of native bees in agroecosystems and forests, with emphasis on orchid bees (Apidae, Euglossina).

Address: Trav. Dr. Enéas Pinheiro, s/nº - Embrapa Amazônia Oriental, Laboratório de Entomologia - Bairro do Marco - CEP 66.095-105 - Belém, Pará

Phone: +55 91 3204-1033

Website: https://www.embrapa.br/group/intranet/amazonia-oriental/laboratorio-de-entomologia

Research Subjects:

Pollination Biology
Bee-Plant Interaction Ecology
Sustainable Use and Management of Native Bees
Native Plants Floral Biology
Pollination Service in Agroecosystems
Biomonitoring and Ecology of Native Bees


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