Biodiversity and Ecology of Wild Bees

Universidad Militar Nueva Granada

The Research Group on Biodiversity and Ecology of Wild Bees is recognized by Colciencias in category B. This group is under the direction of the researcher José Ricardo Cure Hakim and is part of the research groups of the Faculty of Basic and Applied Sciences of the Universidad Militar Nueva Granada since 1998. Since then, the gourp has formed students in the undergraduate and master’s degree in the Applied Biology program of the Faculty with work done in the research group, which are framed under 5 lines of research active and financed by the Vice-rector of Research of the University, as well as by calls from Colciencias.

Among the work done, we have studied the biology and breeding of species of the genus Bombus for use as pollinators of horticultural crops of the Savannah of Bogotá; on the diversity and taxonomy of pollinators and their interaction with the sources of floral resources on which they depend and on the integration of the biological and ecological concepts of beneficial insects in simulation models.

Address: Km 2 Via Cajica-Zipaquira

Phone: 6500000 ext 3269


Research Subjects:

1. Analysis of plant-pollinator interaction networks based on palynological techniques
2. Breeding of species of the genus Bombus for use as pollinators in crops of the Cundi-Boyacense savanna.
3. Diversity, biology and taxonomy of Colombian pollinators
4. Pollination ecology: studies on the sustainable use of wild bee species as pollinators of vegetables and fruit trees
5. Biological and ecological models of beneficial insects


Jose Ricardo Cure Hakim

Diego Alfonso Riaño

Lucia Aguilar Benavides