ASA Group (Semi arid Bees)

Universidade Federal Rural do Semiárido UFERSA

The Research group ASA (Semiarid Bees) is part of the Biological Science and Health Center – CCBS of Universidade Federal Rural do Semi-árido/UFERSA. The main objective of the group is to develop research about behavioural ecology and bee ecophysiology, the importance of environmental improvement to bees, the environmental impacts over bee biology, richness and diversity of bees, floral resources used by bees (melissopalynology) and bee-plant interactions.

Address: Av. Francisco Mota, 572 - Bairro Costa e Silva, Mossoró RN | CEP: 59.625-900

Phone: +55 84 999909246


Research Subjects:

(1) Bee behavioural ecology: foraging; communication
(2) Socio-ethology and reproductive biology of stingless bees
(3) Sensorial ecology of bees
(4) Ecophysiology of bees
(5) Diversity and conservation of bees and plants
(6) Palynology
(7) Pollination ecology


Vera Lucia Imperatriz-Fonseca

Michael Hrncir

Airton Torres Carvalho

Camila Maia-Silva

Dirk Koedam