Southern Bahia Honey: Indicative pollen spectrum Botany and Geographic origin

Duration: 2015 - 2017

Funded by: FAPESB - Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado da Bahia

Coordination: Jaílson Santos de Novais Link para Currículo Lattes

Analysis of pollen grains present in honey (Melissopalynology) helps to determine which plants are mainly visited by bees to collect nectar and to certify the geographical origin of the product, since certain pollen types have botanical affinity to plant species that function as regional markers. The state of Bahia presents a high honey production, considering the national scenario, although the knowledge about its apicultural and meliponicultural flora is still incomplete and unequal. Thus, this project aims to determine the pollen spectrums of honey coming from the Southern Bahia mesoregion and, with this, to indicate the botanical origin of this product, as well as to point out possible pollinic types that act as regional geographic markers. With this, it is hoped to subsidize actions that depend on the knowledge of the flora available to the bees to expand the mesoregional beekeeping and meliponicultural activity, consequently, to increase the production of honey and income generation in the South of Bahia. It is also hoped that the results will stimulate efforts from different technical and scientific sectors towards the botanical and geographic certification of South Bahia honeys, which will certainly be a differential in the export market of the product, especially to access highly demanding external markets in quality standards.


Cristiana Barros Nascimento Costa Link para Currículo Lattes

Francisco de Assis Ribeiro dos Santos Link para Currículo Lattes

Luciene Cristina Lima e Lima Link para Currículo Lattes

Jorge Antonio Silva Costa Link para Currículo Lattes

Olivia Maria Pereira Duarte Link para Currículo Lattes

Paulino Pereira Oliveira Link para Currículo Lattes

Victor Leon Rocha Araújo Link para Currículo Lattes


Universidade Federal do Sul da Bahia Universidade Estadual de Feira de Santana Universidade do Estado da Bahia