Phytogeographic Characterization and Pharmacological of Geopropolis from the State of Maranhão, Brazil

Duration: Mar/2013 a Fev/2017

Funded by: CAPES Pró-Amazônia

Coordination: Patricia Maia C. de Albuquerque Link para Currículo Lattes

Inter-institutional project between UNICEUMA, UFMA and IES of different Brazilian states (USP, UFSC, UNICAMP, UERJ) supported by Pro-Amazon Notice of CAPES. It aims at scientific and technological development and academic cooperation at various levels of the university, including the interaction among undergraduate students through Scientific Initiation; and postgraduate students, master’s level and PhD.

This part of the project aims to determine the palynological spectra characterizing environments and plant formations of the Melipona (Melikeria) fasciculata, Melipona flavolineata, Melipona seminigra and Partamona helleri obtained from a meliponary located in the municipality of Santa Luzia do Paruá, western Maranhão state, which will allow its phytogeographic recognition, combining with the analysis of flavonoids, in order to establish differentiation criteria among the samples to assist in their certification.


Cynthia Fernandes P. Luz Link para Currículo Lattes

Monique Hellen Martins Ribeiro Link para Currículo Lattes

Wilson Carvalho Silva Link para Currículo Lattes


UFMA Instituto Botânico de São Paulo