How Are Ecological Interactions Influenced by Mining and Their Subsequent Restoration Efforts in the Paragominas, a degraded part of the Brazilian Amazon Forest?

Duration: 28/12/2017 a 27/12/2020

Funded by: Hydro mineradora

Coordination: Marlucia B. Martins

This project aims to determine the effects of mining activities on the plant-animal interactions networks .The three ecological interactions that will be initially measured as subprojects are: plant-pollination, plant-herbivory, and plant-seed dispersal


William de Oliveira Sabino

Marivana da Silva Borges

Márcia Motta Maues

Leonardo Trevelin

Alexandre Aleixo


Museu P. E. Geldi
Universidade Federal Rural da Amazonia
Universiadade Federal do Pará
Universidade Federal do Oeste do Pará