Compositional changes in vegetation due to natural and induced environmental changes: stratigraphy, palynology and geographic information systems in areas of southern grasslands, Brazilian cerrado and caatinga

Duration: 2011 - 2016

Funded by: CNPq

Coordination: Soraia Girardi Bauermann Link para Currículo Lattes

The research proposal is designed as a network, as provided by the Edital MCT/CNPq/MEC/CAPES/FNDCT Ação Transversal/FAPs No. 47/2010 Sistema Nacional de Pesquisa em Biodiversidade – SISBIOTA BRASIL. It will be developed through four research projects, involving four Brazilian states: 1) Bogs and relictual fields of Parque Estadual da Serra do Tabuleiro (PEST): natural history, mapping and conservation; 2) Environmental Pampa Biome scenario based on palynology; 3) Climate change effects in the fields and forests with Araucaria in the Midwest of Santa Catarina: valuation of palynological and stratigraphic records of bogs of Serra do Espigão; 4) Identification and use of palynological records in Parque Nacional do Catimbau (PE) and Parque Nacional da Serra das Confusões (PI): characterization of the effects of climate change on interactions between the Cerrado biome and Caatinga. The integration of research methods of geoecological past is the core around which the network is structured. Indeed, the integration of stratigraphic and palynological records is the core of the proposal, which aims to characterize broad environmental aspects associated with fluid dynamics and surface processes that influence natural habitats, determining their transformation over time. The methodological integration between stratigraphy and palynology is not new. However, the application of radar stratigraphy (GPR) to Brazilian bog deposits, containing the palynological records that interest us, has raised new issues and pointed to the development of relatively consistent paleoenvironmental scenarios.


Andreia Cardoso Pacheco Evaldt Link para Currículo Lattes

Jefferson Nunes Radaeski Link para Currículo Lattes

Jorge Luiz Wolff Link para Currículo Lattes

Gabriel Cardoso da Silva Link para Currículo Lattes

Marcelo de Oliveira

Gisele Lima